UK Science Policy: NAO report on Cross-government funding of research and development


The UK National Audit Office has published a report on cross-government funding of research and development.  This can be seen in the context of UK plans on Brexit and the need for UK Research and Innovation to develop leadership and strategic capabilities for the UK science base for the future. The findings are summarised as:

“Some areas of research have well-established arrangements to support coordination and collaboration between public-sector funders. But some newer areas, including important emerging technologies and areas of national importance, need more effective leadership.As a proportion of GDP the UK spends less on research and development than many comparable nations. Government needs a coherent view of the UK’s research strengths relative to other nations and analysis of funding in key areas of research, so that it can prioritise areas where activity is lagging behind and ensure the UK is investing in the right areas.”

In addtion to the Report, there are more detailed documents on methodology and key sectors that receive funding from multiple sources in government:

  • Research and Development Evaluative Framework
  • Research and development case study Climate research
  • Research and development case study Energy research
  • Research and development case study Human health research
  • Research and development case study Robotics and autonomous systems research
  • Research and development case study Advanced materials research
  • Research and development case study Animal and plant health research
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