Science Ethics and policy: Nuffield Council on Bioethics Culture of Scientific Research 2014


The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has published its report on The Culture of Scientific Ethics.  The focus of the study was the ethical implications of the current culture of scientific research, focused on particular concerns: competition; funding of research; assessment of research; research integrity; and career progression and workload.  Suggestions for action are summarised as follows:


  • Publication of a wide range of rigorous research
  • Openness and data sharing between researchers


  • Use of a broad range of criteria in research assessments
  • Recognition of the wider activities of researchers
  • Training and recognition for peer reviewers


  • Adoption of diverse funding approaches
  • Clear communication of funding opportunities and assessment criteria


  • Training in good research practice
  • Openness about consequences of misconduct
  • Adoption of appropriate ethical review processes


  • Mentoring and career advice
  • Adoption of employment practices that support diversity and inclusion
  • Training and recognition for leaders in research

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