Culture Policy UK: equality and diversity review 2014


The Arts Council England has published a review on Equality and Diversity within the Arts and Cultural Sector in England (September 2014).  Key recommendations are:

  • Undertake in-depth qualitative research to explore arts and cultural participation and attendance barriers and motivations among people with different disabilities, within different ethnic groups and at different ages
  • Undertake in-depth qualitative research to explore gender-based tastes and preferences for arts and culture among boys and girls aged under-15, and the influence of parental behaviours and attitudes on child participation. Such research could be complemented by identification of effective practice across the sector in engaging and involving boys and young men in arts and culture
  • Complete literature reviews and qualitative research to identify workforce development and change management models that support leaders within the sector to transform organisational cultures and develop a more equal and diverse workforce
  • In the context of the arts and cultural sector, undertake in-depth qualitative research on equality and diversity issues facing the protected groups of sexual orientation, religion and/or belief, pregnancy and maternity, marriage or civil partnership status or gender re-assignment
  • Undertake additional quantitative data analysis of key datasets such as the Taking Part Survey, particularly across protected characteristics (e.g. by sexual orientation, ethnic groups within the 2011 census categories) where there has thus far been limited analysis
  • Complete a focused literature review specifically on equality and diversity issues in relation to the library sector.

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