Museum Policy UK: national and regional arts funding - Parliamentary committee report 2014


Debate on the balance of funding to national and regional organizations by the Arts Council England has been continuing through 2014.  The authors of the report Rebalancing our Cultural Capital produced a further report focusing on Arts Lottery funding in the UK: Policy for the Lottery, Arts and Community in England, which examined the approach of the Arts Council to allocating lottery-derived funding.  Further evidence is set out on the RoCC and PLACE websites.

Most recently, the UK parliament's House of Commons Culture Media and Sport Committee has published the report of an inquiry on the Work of Arts Council England. The report emphasises the importance of the Arts Council's funding, but recommends a need to change the balance of funding to favour regional arts, culture and (non-national) museums provision outside Greater London.  Concerns are raised on falling central government funding and there is seen to be a need for development of thinking on philanthropy and the role of local councils.

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